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Stupid Roulette Systems Review was launched back in 2010 and as soon as it was launched the Clickbank affiliates where on it like flies on excrement to promote it regardless of the effectiveness of it. is one of the reasons why people are so skeptical when it comes to buying roulette systems, the system is a massive disappointment and the website is full blatant lies and false promises.

For example, the guy claims to have made $30,339 in just one month by pulling the wool over casinos bosses eyes. Then on the site there are pictures of things like a luxury resort and a home cinema system.

Once you get hold of the system you soon realize you've been duped, without giving things away it's based on betting on either red or black and a column simultaneously and then using a progression.

This system can never work because as you may already know, you regularly get over 15 colors in a row and over 30 dozens in a row and when this happens you're wiped out completely!

To be fair I tested the red/black side of the system with
money maker machine and after two thousand spins I was down over 200 units and from here it's pretty obvious where the system was going.

There's no way that this could ever be used for consistent profits and long term gains, let alone the $30,000 a month and this is what makes it a scam.

I also have a problem with the testimonials. The roulette system went on sale in early 2010 but there are testimonials from 2008 so there's something fishy going on there.

At $27 the purchase price won't harm you but the time wasted and the money you will lose will.

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