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Roulette Sniper Review

Roulette Sniper is a well promoted scam, in fact it's a very well promoted scam. It doesn't take very long of searching online for a roulette system to bump into it and that's because the Internet is full of fake roulette sniper reviews that are written by people looking to make commission on sales.

The owner (Vince Severson) sells several gambling systems but for the sake of this review I will stick with roulette sniper.

To be fair the software looks good and it's professionally designed. But the system coded into it (which is what you actually want) isn't even remotely effective and will lead to a guaranteed loss.

The actual system is simply a sleeper system with Martingale progression. In other words roulette sniper will tell you to bet on red or black and then double your bets after a loss.

It will also tell you to bet on a dozen or a line when they haven't appeared for a few spins and again you use a Martingale progression after a loss.

This just doesn't work, sure you will get a few wins at first but it only takes an hour or so to suffer a losing run where you will lose hundreds of dollars or if you have the bankroll you will lose thousands!

What makes things worse is that the website tells you that the system is not a Martingale system, here is a quote:

"So now we have a roulette strategy that slaughters the High / Medium / Low method or Martingale method..."

This is a complete lie because that's exactly what the system is.

There are videos on the site that are supposed to be proof of effectiveness but they are so short they aren't proof of anything and of course they are done in play for fun mode.

Random betting can do just as well in a two minute video and when they're done in play for fun mode the maker can spend as long as he sees fit to come up with a "winning video".

There are also testimonials, one of which is from a boy apparently called Santiago who is saying he's won $5000.

This I can tell you for sure is another lie, the picture would have come from a place such as where you can buy photo's to use with your online marketing efforts.

Unfortunately many people are fooled because of the many fake roulette sniper reviews and you can read more about this on the
fake roulette system review scam page.

All of the roulette sniper reviews you see may appear convincing and independent but they are nothing but part of a big scam.

I have read about people that have lost thousands of dollars using roulette sniper but of course Vince Severson isn't bothered, he continues to harm many people.

It's not the money you spend on buying it that's the problem, it's the money you will inevitably lose using it, this is one of the systems to stay away from.

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