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Roulette Master Hack Scam

Roulette Master Hack isn't a website or anything like that, it's merely a video on YouTube entitled "Roulette Master Hack" and then in the description box there's a link to download an eBook.

In the eBook you're then given instructions on how to get hold of the full program. To get hold of the full program you have to open up an account at a company called Liberty Reverse and then you have to send $500 to the seller and in exchange he says he will give you his secret online roulette method.

This is the first red flag. Scam artists use companies like Western Union, Liberty Reverse, Perfect Money, etc. so that they can remain anonymous online.

If this was a legitimate business offer, they would give you their full details so that you knew who your were dealing with and just give you their International Bank Account Number for you to forward the $500 to.

I have received numerous complaints from people who have set everything up and sent him the $500 and in return they got a software program that didn't work at all.

One person told me that after he sent the money he received NOTHING at all. They all said that when they emailed to get their money back they got no response which isn't surprising.

I've also read a few complaints in forums which leaves me in no doubt that this is just another scam. Sometimes I take emails with pinch of salt incase people are just starting rumors, but when I look at something that has all the warning signs of a scam and receive numerous complaints as well as reading complaints elsewhere, it leaves no doubt in my mind.

What about the winning videos?

One person that complained to me asked how they could win so much money in their YouTube promotional video. It's very easy, they're just playing in the online casino "fun" mode rather than real mode.

The reason they're winning isn't because fun mode just lets them win, it's because fun mode is a pre-set list of numbers that was cracked several years ago.

Numerous scam artists have used this to their advantage over the past few years and have engineered systems that can beat it and have also made videos showing the wins.

They then edit these video to look like real playing accounts (very easy to do) and then they can fool a lot of people.

In the case of roulette master hack, he simply knows where in the list of numbers he is and can therefore bet on single numbers and win every single time. This knowledge is absolutely useless though when it comes to real money play and this is why they sell it.

Just ask yourself this question - if you really knew how to win on every single spin, would you sell it to anyone? I wouldn't tell anyone in the world, never mind sell it online.

So roulette master hack is a scam and should be avoided at all costs. I'm 99% sure that it's from the same person responsible for the
great roulette system scam (due to the exact same scamming tactics being used) so he probably has numerous false promotions on the go.

If you find a website or video that sounds similar to what I've described above, please get in touch with me and let me know. It will be greatly appreciated by everyone that reads this site.

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