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Stupid Roulette Systems

Roulette Killer Review

Another example of a heavily promoted roulette system that doesn't work, not even over the short term.

The roulette killer website is very similar to the roulette sniper website. I do not believe them to be from the same person, I think that the roulette killer website is a copy of the roulette sniper one, but I may be wrong, who knows?

Either way there is a headline about a 25 year old boy making easy money from
online roulette, just like on the roulette sniper website.

Of all the websites that tell obvious lies this is one of the worst. He claims that winning easy money with roulette killer is a simple three step process and then has a goofy picture of a cartoon character holding a huge bag of cash.

The truth is that this software just doesn't work. You enter the last ten spin results into the software and then it will tell you what to bet on. The trouble is that it is usually wrong.

If in the last 10 spins there's been 6 evens and 4 odds it will tell you to bet on odd, assuming that it is more likely to come up. This definitely doesn't work, the best you could ever hope for would be to break even but then the ever present zero will just eat away at the bankroll.

What's absolutely certain is that the maker doesn't make $10,000 a month from online casinos like he claims and neither does roulette killer exploit a weakness in online casino software like he claims.

When I tested roulette killer I didn't even get short term results, I just lost, lost, lost until I got bored using it. Overall I definitely recommend against using roulette killer, programs such as
money maker machine and roulette bot pro are a lot better.

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