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Stupid Roulette Systems

Andruchi Roulette System Review has a long history of dealing in roulette systems. The author has always either sold a system or has given it away for free providing you signed up at a few casinos where he told you to play (for which he would secretly be paid by the casinos).

The owner must not have been making much money because he changed it completely and this unfortunately is not a good thing because he's now coming up with blatant lies about biased RNG casinos. Read on for more details.

The first roulette system he gives you which he refers to as the "beginner system" is the Martingale, bet on red and double your bets after a loss. This in itself isn't a problem, after all lots of websites discuss roulette systems such as the Martingale.

What makes it fraudulent is that the author claims to have tested this system at many online casinos and that there's a 2.98% bias at Noble Casino for the color red. He then gives you a link to Noble Casino and tells you to sign up and to bet on the color red and double your bets after every loss.

Of course this is all a complete lie, the truth here is that he gets a commission every time someone signs up at Noble Casino. In other words, he's duping people into playing at Noble Casino by giving them the false impression that there is a bias towards the color red and that there is easy money to be made.

Just ask yourself this one simple question: Don't you think Noble Casino would find it a little strange if they were getting lots of visitors from and every single one of them was betting on red and winning money?

If this was the case they would soon sort out the "bias" and probably take action against the owner. But of course there isn't a bias and it's all a false promotion. Read the page on the
Martingale Roulette System Scam to learn more.

The next system he gives you he calls the "intermediate system." This is more of the same rubbish and lies. All you do is wait until a dozen hasn't appeared for 5 spins and then you bet on it and play a progression.

This won't work because getting 30+ spins without a dozen is all too common. You can do real money simulator tests with
money maker machine and see for yourself if you like. Side note - money maker machine is my favorite roulette program because you can test almost any system with it without risking a penny in real money simulator mode.

Again the owner of claims to have tested this system over millions of spins at every online casino and again he claims to have found a bias. This time it's a 3.32% bias at Casino Las Vegas.

Of course this is another completely false claim to trick you into playing at Casino Las Vegas under the false impression that you can win money by betting on dozens.

Other things you should be aware of:

The owner of decided to make a "Scams" section which I found very amusing. He started out by copying and pasting my listings from the
roulette system reviews page simply to add some bulk to it. I know this because all the systems are in exactly the same order as my page (at the time of writing).

He then decided to add his enemies and main competitors to the top of the list. For example, he says you should stay away from and because Steve from
Genuine Winner owns them.

The owner has had a grudge against Steve for years but I won't get into the nitty gritty of that feud because it isn't relevant. Final side note - I've been playing roulette online and offline for years and I can tell you for sure that the
Genuine Winner system that Steve sells has a lot of credibility.

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