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Online Roulette Forum Scams

Why do people ask questions about roulette systems in forums? This is a question that I have been asking myself for a few years now.

People seem to think then when they make a post in a roulette forum they're going to receive answers from a helpful, honest community that will clear up all their problems... The reality is very different.

Roulette forum scam

Like the online gaming industry on a whole, selling roulette systems is also a competitive market.

As we all know most roulette systems are scams. Put yourself in the shoes of a scammer for a moment. You've just made a roulette system or your selling a roulette system that you bought because the only way you're going to make money with it is by scamming other people.

Either way put yourself in the shoes of a scammer just for a moment.

You've got your website, you've promised people the earth and the moon on your website, you've got your system but you're not making sales because you are not getting visitors to your website.

How do you get quality visitors that would be interested in buying your scam system if you promise them it will work?

You go to a roulette forum and tout for business!

This is exactly what scammers do. It goes much further than just posting about the system. First they create one bogus account and leave a post telling everyone how they came across a great winning system (the system they're selling) and how it is the perfect system that everyone's looking for.

Then they create several other bogus accounts and then leave comments on the same thread.

They typically say things like "Dude you're right, this roulette system rules, I'm now making good money like you", etc.

They do this to make it look like the community is giving their approval to the roulette system.

The truth is that it is just the same person posting over and over again. If you've ever been in a forum you will have noticed that when ever anyone leaves a post you can see the stat's for the person that made that post.

It will say how many posts that particular person has made in the forum. This used to be a give away because the scammer wouldn't have time to post lots of comments with each account.

It isn't a give away any more.

This is because there are many automated software programs that will create accounts at forums, then they will scrape the forums and pick up random comments.

Then the software will use the accounts it created to post the comments that it picked up all over the forum.

This will push the post count up of that user, then when people read all the comments the scammer made with the account in the thread about how great his roulette system is, it will look like the comments are genuine from people who participate in the forum on a regular basis.

Just go to Google and type in something like, "Automated forum posting software" you will see many different programs that the scammers use.

Obviously using the software is an extreme length that some scammer go to, most of the time they don't bother and they just stick with several accounts with low post counts, but I have seen it happen with the software.

That however is just one side of the scam, It actually works the other way too.

Roulette system sellers are all in competition with each other, they want to sell many copies of their own system but they don't want other system sellers to make sales.

So they create several other accounts (or maybe use the same ones) to post comments about other systems, saying how they are scams and how they lost money with them.

They do this to harm the sales of other system sellers (rightly or wrongly) and to further the case for their own system.

They do this for several reasons such as jealousy, spite, envy and many more.

Going back on topic, I hope you now understand how this big scam works, I honestly wouldn't believe a word you read in forums when it comes to roulette systems, because a scammer has just much opportunity to reply to your posts as a normal person does.

Just think back to when you were younger and your parents told you about stranger danger, they may even have warned you about pedophiles in online chat rooms.

The exact principal also applies to roulette forums (on a smaller scale obviously) you never know who is answering to your comments.

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