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Stupid Roulette Systems

Martingale Roulette System Scam

The Martingale roulette system, otherwise know as the double up method is often given to people as a "guaranteed winning system" or how about a way to "make $500 a day".

There are countless websites promoting this system claiming that it is a way for anyone with no experience to make easy money on the internet. The system is very simple, you bet on red or black and then double your bets after every loss until you get a win.

This system just doesn't work and anyone that uses it ends up wondering why it all went wrong. They also wonder why someone would make a website to give away a roulette strategy that doesn't work...?

I will answer both of these questions:

The reason it doesn't work is because red or black often go 13 spins in a row without showing:

Reds in a row roulette

And they can go as many as 20 spins without showing (I personally have seen 22 reds in a row).

Now I will do some simple math so you will realize how much this system will cost you sooner or later.

Starting with $1 after 12 colors in a row, assuming you started betting right at the start of the chain of colors you will have lost a total of $2047 and your next bet would need to bet $2048 to cover your previous losses and get your $1 profit. This would mean you would need a total bankroll of $4095!

But as I've said, getting 13 colors in a row is very common, you can get as many as 20!

After 20 colors in a row you would have lost $524,288 (that's over half a million dollars).

Now obviously nobody's going to lose the figures quoted above (or at least they shouldn't) because they won't have the bankroll to bet such numbers.

Anyway you've seen the numbers, you now know why it just doesn't work, now I will tell you why people set these websites up.

It is casino promotion.

It is the casinos themselves that set up these websites (or they pay someone else to do it).

The casinos know that this system is totally bogus and that anyone using the system isn't going to win any money at all (in the long-term period).

The online casino business is a very competitive one, there are over 2000 online casinos, with so many competing casinos how on earth do you compete for business?

Well some of the casinos have decided to set up bogus websites promising easy cash knowing that people are going to lose money.

Some people are going to go to online casinos and win money, but if they go to the casino after reading one of these websites they are guaranteed to lose money, they will lose as much money as they've got.

So the casino wins on all fronts.

They are getting new customers from their scam promotion websites, but even better for them they're getting customers who have absolutely no chance of winning money.

What's worrying is that despite this warning and many others throughout the internet, many people are falling for this scam every day, a simple search on how to make money online results in losing a lot of cash to a bogus online casino. The casinos don't care that they're hurting many people with their scam promotions.

On a side note never ever trust an online casino that stoops to these levels of promotion.

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