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Stupid Roulette Systems

Fake YouTube Testimonials

If ever I saw a fraudulent online promotion this is it. These scammers deserve their own special mention here. These scammers have no shame, they've posted multiple videos on YouTube claiming to make $2000-$3000 a day using roulette sniper.

Fake Youtube reviews

What makes it worse is that they aren't even very skilled at scamming people. All they're doing is reading of a screen about how they're living a dream lifestyle.

Click here to watch the first scammer in action, he claims to make $15000-$20000 a week with roulette sniper and that he's just bought a BMW 650i with the winnings (as well as a Porsche 911 turbo in another fraudulent video that he's made).

What puzzles me about the pictures of him in the BMW is the fact that he's still in the BMW show room (oh hang on a minute I'm not confused at all, it's because it isn't his car)... Sorry I couldn't resist the sarcasm.

If you take a moment to look around YouTube you will notice that he's made several videos as well as multiple YouTube accounts to comment on his own videos to compliment his scam.

He's also got his girlfriend in on the act as well and you can watch her by
clicking here. How do I know this is his girlfriend/mutual friend?

This is easy, they are both promoting the same domain which is Also if you look closely you will notice that when they make these videos they're sitting in the same room with the same wallpaper in the background.

So why have they taken the time to set up this scam? It's for the same reasons mentioned in the
fake roulette system reviews page.

I will need to get a little technical here to help you understand the deal with this.

What these scammers have done is buy the domain name Then what they do is go to the roulette systems page of Clickbank and get an affiliate link for Roulette Sniper.

Then what they do in their domain settings for is redirect it to their roulette sniper affiliate link.

This may sound complicated but their regular link would look something like this:

Nobody's going to type that link in and they realize this and that's why they redirect to it through

These two aren't the only scammers doing this, there are many others!

I must also point out that even though roulette sniper is a scam in it's own right, it isn't Vince Severson's fault (the owner of Roulette Sniper software) that these scammers are making these videos. What the affiliates do is out of the product owners hands.

So now you know the deal with this scam and how you can avoid it. People like that don't belong on YouTube.


YouTube has finally taken some action on this scammer and has removed a large portion of fraudulent videos. For some reason however some of them remain, including all of the roulette sniper videos.

The link above used to go to a penis enlargement video were he just sat talking out of his rear end about how you can increase the size of your penis.

However YouTube has now removed the video.

Prior to YouTube removing that video, I used to receive emails from people on a weekly basis who were laughing at his shameless (and terrible) video.

But if you
click this link you will see the profile of one of his many YouTube accounts were he still has 10 scam videos.

One of them is a penis enlargement video in a slide show format. He is also claiming you can make $1200 a day playing poker and that there's a further $500 an hour to be made with a free roulette system.

He even claims that he can help you learn French and cure acne. I kid you not.

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