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Stupid Roulette Systems

Fake Roulette System Reviews Scam

I'm sick of the sight of fake roulette system reviews but they're everywhere. Pretty much every roulette system review on the internet is fake, except mine obviously :)

So I'm just going to crap all over this scam right now.

Most roulette systems are sold via a third party website called Clickbank:


Clickbank authorize the payments and sort out the download process. Clickbank also have what's called an affiliate program.

Basically this means that you can advertise products and the receive a commission when you generate a sale. Now when it comes to roulette systems the easiest (and most the most dishonest) way to generate sales is to write bogus reviews that are filled with lies telling people exactly what they want to hear.

For more information on this simply click this link.

That's the page for the roulette systems on Clickbank. You will see that roulette sniper is currently the most popular product because it has the most affiliates promoting it.

You will also notice on that page that you get $26.67 for every sale you generate for roulette sniper.

Roulette sniper is clear fraud as I point out in my
roulette sniper review but the affiliates don't care about this, they just want easy money by lying to people.

They will fill the Internet up with bogus reviews, in them they write exactly what the reader wants to hear and never let the truth get in the way. Then at the end they will put their affiliate link to roulette sniper.

If you click this link you will see a classic fake roulette sniper review. The person that's written it (David Morris) is a bare faced liar and a scammer.

He claims that if you buy roulette sniper you will be able to quit your job and that he's a professional gambler and he's never seen anything like it.

BULL SHIT, all he wants (and cares about) is his commission.

Fake reviews

If you do a little research you will notice that he's written a positive review for: Roulette Sniper, Roulette Killer, R-Bet, Reverse Roulette, etc.

WOW, he must be raking in the cash with all these winning roulette systems that he's using, or maybe he isn't making money using any of them, just by writing fake reviews and getting commissions on sales.

Just think about this, does a regular person have a website to write a review and then more importantly have the skills to get it to the top of Google for a search term like "roulette sniper review"?

Of course they don't, so don't believe any of the bull shit that you read, just read my
roulette system reviews page and you'll be fine or you can contact me for information on a system that isn't listed.

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