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Casino Identification Scam

This is yet another scam that casinos use to try and avoid paying players their winnings. As usual it is Playtech casinos that are the worst for scamming people in the ways that I am about to discuss.

I must also point out that I didn't experience these problems with any of the casinos that I recommend on the
online roulette scam home page and that is why I recommend them to you.

So picture the following:

You deposit money into an online casino and you win money, fantastic! So you want to make a withdrawal and get hold of your winnings.

The casino will then send you an email telling you that you can't have your money until you send them copies of your identification. They will want photo ID and proof of address before giving you your money.

In other words you will need to photocopy your driving license or a copy of your passport and utility bill.

Photo ID sample Utility bill sample

Here's why this is a scam:

They only do this when you try and make your first withdrawal. There's absolutely no mention of this at all before you deposit money!

They will let you deposit money all day, they would take thousands off you if you gave it them but as soon as you want to withdraw money... BANG, that's it they want your identification.

They say that this is for security purposes. I say bull shit.

If security was the issue they would ask for ID before you deposit, not after. This is because anyone can use a stolen credit card to deposit money into a casino if they know the details.

If someone does use a stolen credit card to deposit money and then try to make a withdrawal the casino will then ask them for ID. Obviously if you've used a stolen credit card your not going to send ID to the casino are you?

Meanwhile the person whose credit card was stolen is still out of pocket, the casino now has their money.

But if the casino truly where conscious about security they would ask for ID from every player before they deposit money, after all if someone's going to use a stolen credit card to deposit money they aren't going to send of their ID, are they?

This would solve the problem and the casino would be taking care of their precious security policies.

The reason they don't say anything about this before you deposit money is because they know that a lot of people won't deposit money in the first place if they know this.

The casinos also know that a lot of people won't bother to send their ID to the casino for several possible reasons.

1. They can't be bothered sorting out photocopies of their ID

2. They don't own a scanner, therefore getting copies of the ID is pretty much impossible without buying a scanner (and who the hell's going to buy a scanner just for sending ID to an online casino?)

3. They don't feel comfortable sending off copies of their personal information to a dodgy online casino (this is the most probable reason for not sending of ID)

I have around $500 sat in various casinos that's used this scam on me. There's no way that I'm sending of copies of my passport to an online casino, so my money is basically dead.

As I've said it is Playtech casinos that pull this scam, all most all of them have this stupid policy. However I've never had these problems at the Playtech casinos that I recommend and you will find them on the
best Playtech casinos page.

Go to the
online roulette scam home page for a list of all the best casinos, none of them scam people like this and that is just one of the many reasons why they're the best casinos and why I recommend them to you.

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