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Stupid Roulette Systems

Martingale Roulette System

Of all the roulette systems that people use, the Martingale is probably the most common. This is when you place bets on any of the even pay out bets like black or red.

You pick one and then place one chip on it. If you lose your bet you then double your next bet to cover your previous loss and still get one chip profit.

If you lose your second bet you then double your next bet to four chips. This is a never ending cycle until you get a win. The theory behind the system is that eventually you will get a win and when you do you will always get a one chip profit.

This system doesn't work and it is always used as part of a fraudulent casino promotion. Read the
Martingale roulette system scam page for more information on this.

Here is a quick over view as to why this doesn't work, you progression looks like this:

Bet 1 - $1

Bet 2 - $2

Bet 3 - $4

Bet 4 - $8

Bet 5 - $16

Bet 6 - $32

Bet 7 - $64

Bet 8 - $128

Bet 9 - $256

Bet 10 - $512

So as you can see after just 10 losses you will have lost a total of $1023 and your next bet would need to be $1024 to cover all your previous losses. If you're OK with this risk then I wish you look, I personally don't recommend this.

There are also numerous variations of the Martingale such as the
super Martingale system (which is suicidal) and the reverse Martingale roulette system which is a bit better but obviously it isn't guaranteed.

Another way that people try and use the Martingale strategy is by waiting for a few colors to come up in a row and then start playing. For example, waiting for 3 reds in a row and then betting black.

Take it from the voice of experience, this doesn't help anything and this kind of
roulette strategy is what's known as "Gamblers Fallacy".

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