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Cover The Roulette Table

There are numerous ways of covering the roulette table to increase your chances of winning. However it's important to understand that by doing this you aren't overcoming the
roulette house edge.

Let me explain this, you are increasing your chances of winning by betting on more of the table put the money you get back for your bets isn't very much and you lose more money when you lose.

You can never bet on every single outcome because you would lose due to the in built house edge.

An example of this is when you bet on 35 of the 37 numbers to get a $1 profit. When you win which you will most of the time you only profit $1 but when you lose you lose $35.

If you where to bet on all 37 numbers you would lose $1 on every single bet.

Other ways of covering most of the table are:

- 3 units on 1-18 and 2 units on third dozen

- 3 units on 1-18 and 3 units on third dozen. This will break even on 1-13 and give a 3 unit profit on the third dozen. Will lose 6 units on 0, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23, 24 numbers

- Bet 5 units on the first and second column with 1 unit on 4 reds on the second column splits

- As stated above bet on 35 numbers

- Bet on two columns and a color

All of these can be used for short term wins but none of them can overcome the house edge.

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