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Stupid Roulette Systems


Donít Fall For Stupid Roulette Systems

Thereís nothing stupid about falling for Roulette Systems, as they promise to beat the odds and garner massive winnings. In fact, to many, playing Roulette with a fixed betting system, wherein you place the same size bet over and over on a 1 to 1 payout bet, is a stupid system. To others, thinking that a game as random as Roulette can be beaten is stupid. As Albert Einstein is often quoted saying: ďYou cannot beat a Roulette table unless you steal money from it.Ē

Opinions aside, what is a Roulette system, and what constitutes a stupid one.

What Is a Roulette System?

A Roulette System is a betting method wherein the player performs their next bet based on their previous bet. In the Martingale, the most commonly used betting system, you double your bet after a loss. Based on this strategy, when you win, you will recover all previous losses. In the DíAlembert System, rather than doubling your bet after a loss, you increase it by one unit. If you value your unit at $1, then three losses in a row would have you increasing your bet in this sequence: $2, $3, $4. Martingale would have the sequence go: $2, $4, $8. As you can see, the DíAlembert System is a less risky version of the Martingale, but it takes more wins to recuperate any losses. Other systems include the Fibonacci System, Labouchere System, and Oscarís Grind. The vast majority of Roulette Systems, and all the aforementioned Roulette Systems are played on the 1 to 1 outside betting areas.

So, Whatís the Problem?

The problem is that the result of every spin of the Roulette wheel is totally random. The gamblerís fallacy is the idea that the odds are different based on intuition rather than the logic of odds. For example, if the ball lands in six red pockets in a row, itís more likely going to land in the black pocket next, even though in reality, the odds of it landing in a red pocket a seventh time are the same as landing in a black pocket. The odds, every spin, are the same.

The reason that this is a problem is because you can go on a losing streak, and the most risky Roulette Systems will burn your bankroll like a six-alarm fire in a bamboo and canvas tent. Considering the fact that all Roulette tables have betting maximums, you can double your bet after a lose over and over until you hit that table maximum. If you start on a $5 bet, it would only take eight losses in a row for you to be placing a $1,280 bet. If the table maximum is $2,000, you better hope you win that eighth bet, otherwise youíre not going to be able to follow the system and bet $2,560.

Sure, the odds of betting on red eight times in a row and having it land on black eight times in a row is unlikely, which is why so many people have success at using the Martingale System, and itís why people love the more conservative betting systems too. However, losing eight times in a row isnít as unlikely as you might think, and it will eventually happen, guaranteed.

Think of it this way: If you won that aforementioned $1,280, your total wins would only equal $5. Thatís all youíre profiting, because once you bet $1,280, youíve bet a total of $2,555 since that first $5 bet. If you win, you win $2,560. $2,560 - $2,555 = $5.

So, you either win $5 or lose $2,555, and thatís after just eight bets. To most people, the risk is not worth the reward.

Youíre Saying All Roulette Systems are Stupid?

No. In fact, Roulette Systems are brilliant. Whoever came up with some of them is probably a genius. In Oscarís Grind, for example, itís the DíAlembert System limited to three increases. The Fibonacci System follows a mathematical sequence, and you move up and down that system as you bet.

Whatís stupid is just jumping into one without looking at them all, without knowing what the consequences are, and playing them without setting limits for yourself. Know when to stop, set a timer and stop when it goes off, etc.

To bring it back to the Martingale System one last time, you would have to win 511 times in a row in order to win $2,555. You would only have to lose eight times to lose $2,555.

Good luck, but most importantly, have fun. Thatís what gambling is all about.


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