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Best Roulette Software

Different online casinos use different gaming software. Some of the software is better than others. The circumstances in which the casinos can come to own this software is also important to understand.

This can be sorted into two groups:

1. Software that is marketed by an online casino but is licensed (and in some cases maintained) by a third party.

2. Casinos that manage and operate their own software.

online roulette software

The best roulette gaming software in my opinion is Playtech. Unfortunately most Playtech casinos aren't worth playing at because they fall into category one, they're licensed and operated by third parties. Go to my
best Playtech casinos page to find out which Playtech casinos are best.

Now I will go into just a little more detail about the online casinos that fit into category 1, when there software is licensed by someone else.

You tend to find that these casinos are licensed in jurisdictions where the law is very unclear with regards to gambling. This means that the casinos can get away with pretty much anything they want.

If you read my
PayPal roulette page I tell you that PayPal doesn't associate themselves with many casinos.

As a general rule if a casino uses PayPal as a deposit/withdrawal method you can be pretty sure that it's a fair casino.

This is because PayPal will only deal with casinos that are tightly regulated in jurisdictions that follow the European laws.

Also I should point out that casinos that use a third party to maintain and license their software also pay other third parties to take care of their customer service.

This is the case with most Playtech casinos (I'm 99% sure of this). Playtech will take care of the licensing, the marketing, the customer support, basically everything if you pay their fees.

This means that anyone with a little bit of money can soon have an online casino up and running.

The downside of this for us, the players is that the service is appalling. Delayed responses to customer support, withdrawals that take far too long, terms and conditions which are very flexible in the casinos favor are just a few of the many problems that many players encounter every day.

I don't want any of my visitors here at to face these problems and you won't get them with the casinos I recommend on the home page. They are all leading gaming brands and are tightly regulated.

With table limits of $0.10 - $3000 and cash out times of less than 24 hours, William Hill Casino are the perfect site for playing roulette.
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